Municipal Council allocated an area of 2,650 million s.mts and approves Amiri Diwan takeover of Entertainment City


The Municipal Council yesterday approved the Entertainment City’s development project, accepting the Cabinet’s decision for the Amiri Diwan to take over it instead of the Touristic Enterprises Company. During a regular session yesterday, the council allocated an area of 2,650 million square meters for the Amiri Diwan for the purpose of developing the Entertainment City, provided the latter submits the project’s blueprints for approval within the new structural plan.The Municipal Council had issued a decision in 2016 to annex the Sheikh Zayed Park, which is adjacent to the current Entertainment City’s location, into the project. The Municipal is responsible for evaluating the final plan for the new Entertainment City that overlooks the Gulf. The Amiri Diwan will design the new Entertainment city through international companies, hoping this project will attract many people and it is vital to have in Kuwait. In 1984, the current Entertainment City was established in Al-Doha area and was considered one of major entertainment center in Kuwait.-K.T.