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Kuwaitis are mainly appointed as managers in the private sector--Most expat workers are regular laborers



The Civil Service Commission (CSC) revealed that the ‘regular laborer’ category is the top line of work in the private sector compared to any other job categories in terms of the number of expatriate laborers hired in Kuwait. Meanwhile, Kuwaitis are mainly appointed as managers in the private sector. A recent report issued by the CSC explained that citizens mostly refrained from private sector jobs related to agriculture or fishing – only 16 citizens worked in such jobs in 2015 and 12 in 2019.
The report also showed that expat laborers working in the private sector totaled 406,783 in 2015 compared to 451,885 in 2019, which makes the total number of expats working for the private sector 1,663,000, while Kuwaitis make up only 71,013 with a limited increase of 4,506 workers in the same period. The report added that 1,486,809 people were appointed in the private sector in 2015, including 1,420,302 expats and 66,507 citizens.-K.T.


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