Retired patient considers Insurance company commits mistake



A retired patient covered by the health insurance policy, Afia II, is in trouble due to what he considers a mistake committed by the company tasked to implement the insurance project as it refused to pay for the full cost of his treatment.The patient disclosed that he suffered from back pain and the doctors decided to do surgery in order to fix the first, second and fifth vertebrae with six screws.He said the company approved the surgery conducted on Sept 14 at cost of KD 8,950. On the third day after the surgery, the company informed him that it will not pay for more than three days stay at the hospital.

He told the company that he cannot leave because of a plastic packet connected to his back to collect extra blood resulting from the surgery. The company replied that the packet is not enough reason to extend the period of treatment, so he was obligated to pay the fees at his own expense.Before being discharged from the hospital, he was informed that the company refused to pay the full cost of the surgery under the pretext that the cost exceeds the maximum amount specified for surgery. He appealed to officials at the Ministry of Health to find a solution to his problem.-A.T.