Maternity fees increased for expatriates in Govt hospitals



The Minister of Health, Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Sabah, yesterday approved a decision to increase the birth fees of expatriates who are registered in the health insurance system. 
The decree stipulated that non-Kuwaiti patients enrolled in the health insurance system should pay a fee of KD 100 for normal delivery and for caesarean section KD 150.
The decision pointed out that the natural or Caesarean delivery fees include birth and sonar examination and laboratory tests and medicines other than hospital stay.
The fees for accommodation in the private room increased to 100 dinars per day, an increase of 100 percent.The new fee structure will be implemented from today 9th October 2019.

Health sources confirmed that the decision to increase maternity fees for expatriates was issued after a careful study that took into account the high cost of health service from medical staff and equipment and also took into account the vast difference in maternity fees between the public and private sectors.
The prices of birth, whether natural or Caesarean still after the increase is lower than its counterpart in the private sector.-AlRai