Number of citizens waiting for jobs is 15,724



The National Labor Department at the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) appointed 277 citizens in the private sector in September; thereby, decreasing the number of citizens waiting for jobs to 15,724.According to the latest statistics, 52.6 percent of the appointed citizens are highly qualified and 42.9 percent are diploma holders.

The number of highly qualified applicants increased to 8,276 in the last six months; while the number of master’s degree holders increased by 16 compared to the previous month and the current total is 160, in addition to four PhD holders.The number of secondary level certificate holders reached 2,195 – 69 less than last month; in addition to 1,836 holders of intermediate degrees, and 605 without intermediate degrees and vocational certificate holders in the category of job seekers A total of 9,297 citizens registered as job seekers including 3,812 seeking jobs in the public sector and the rest in the private sector.-A.T.