Traffic violations increased to 15,000 per day



Traffic statistics raised a red flag towards increased violations reaching 15,000 per day, ie 645 traffic violations per hour. The traffic planning and research department recorded 4 million violations since the start of the year until Saturday. It was noticed that women were more compliant with the traffic law, as 500,000 violations were recorded by them, compared to 3.5 million violations committed by men. Stats also showed that speeding topped the number of violations, followed by running red lights. Meanwhile, 400 violations were recorded against policemen for speaking on the phone while driving, while hundreds of the motorists were involved in texting while driving. Psychologists warned that a lack of applying the law equally will result in more violations and points at a social defect. They said violating the traffic law is an aggression against state rights and endangers people’s lives. It also indicates that concerned authorities are unable to enforce the law. –K.T.