Lawyer files case to terminate the appointment of all expatriate legal practitioners



Lawyer Abdullah Marzouq Al-Rasheedi yesterday filed a case to force the Civil Service Commission to terminate the contracts of all expats working in government bodies and replace them with Kuwaitis, especially since many Kuwaiti lawyers are unemployed. Rasheedi said around 30,000 Kuwaitis holding law degrees work for the government and 6,000 others work for the private sector.

“What is the point of employing expats while considerable numbers of Kuwaitis with the same degrees, qualifications and experience are unemployed?” he wondered, claiming that many senior officials do not trust Kuwaiti workers. He alleged one of the health minister’s advisors is an expat who gets a monthly salary of KD 2,100 plus other incentives, hajj allowances and free accommodation.-K.T.