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Verify the spelling of names in both Arabic and English in civil ID & passport for trouble free entry or exit



Undersecretary of Ministry of Interior Lieutenant General Essam Al-Naham organized the first meeting to discuss all issues concerning canceling residency stickers in the passports of expatriates and including all relevant information in their Civil IDs, as well as dealing with any obstacles that expatriates could face in case they lose their Civil IDs when they are outside Kuwait.

During the meeting, the attendees affirmed the importance of coordination between Ministry of Foreign Affairs, PACI, and departments of residency and border security in Ministry of Interior. They also stressed the need to form a subcommittee for determining the coordination mechanism and achieving the desired results.

The General Department of Public Relations and Security Media called on everyone to maintain their Civil IDs, ensure veracity of the information contained in their Civil IDs in accordance with their passport details and verify the spelling of their names in both Arabic and English in order to avoid mistakes which could prevent entry into or exit from the country. Residents cannot leave or enter the country if they don’t have normal valid passports and valid Civil ID cards issued by the PACI.-A.T.


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