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Indrani Ray

 Indrani Ray

A passionate writer, poet, fun loving and a cheerful person having motto to spread happiness and social awareness in society.


Indrani-RAYShe is a proud bong from Kolkata - a city of cultural heritage. ‘A Bengali can win hearts with their wits and cultural richness” says chuckling Indrani. “I did many stage shows mainly drama and musical programs and compering that gave me immense satisfaction and accomplishment” says Indrani.

Indrani is a Commerce graduate with IT background and also a professional from the Insurance Institute of India.  After her marriage she went to Muscat with husband.

Always a positive person, new place never stopped her from spreading her wings. She worked professionally in diverse sectors and became an active lady member of the Bengali Cultural Society in Muscat. After 12 years of stay in Muscat husband got transferred to Dubai where she worked with General Insurance Company. .

After several years in Dubai, she joined her husband in Kuwait and was forced to leave her well settled job in Dubai. Kuwait was not as professionally rewarding but as Winston Chruchil said “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, and optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty” .

Indrani-RAYIndrani didn’t take a job but thought would engage more in her creative side. Writing became her passion and she started writing poems and scripts. In social functions she recited her poems that were well appreciated by  the listeners.

In one of the gatherings she was offered to write a song on the theme of Old age home (Vridhya Ashram) by Music Director Subhasish Bhattacharya.

Indrani-RAYIt is one of her well acclaimed writing where she described the emotions of parents, they go through, how helpless they feel when they are left alone in VridhyaAshram . This song was sung by National Award winner Iman Chakravorty and produced by Shree Guru Productions.

The song was inaugurated by Iman Chakravarty in Kuwait along with her other songs. Video of this song was played on the screen. It touched hearts of the  audience who were in tears and appreciated the composition.

“I realized my success in penning this song when I got a call from one of the viewers who said that she is feeling very disappointed now for leaving her mother in Vridhya Ashram” says Indrani.

Indrani-RAYQuite a prolific narrator Indrani also did programs in FM Bangla Kuwait, where she wrote and spoke on various contemporary and social issues.  

She has written successfully short plays relating to health revolving around the day to day difficulties which creates depression and people can come out of it and follow their dreams. She is a co-writer for the plays “Sapnoke Paer”, has been efficaciously staged twice and another one is ‘Uffyeh diet’will be staged soon.


Always looking for doing something new she is now working on two projects - “Nutribox” healthy partying with healthy food and “gateway to smart learning for kids”.  

She did also mention about her family, her father M.M.Saha, her mother KabitaSaha, her brother Sanjay Saha, her husband Arindam Ray and two children Anoushka Ray and Ayan Ray who are constantly supportive in her all decisions.Her elder daughter is studying law in Monash University, Melbourne and son is in 11th standard in FAIPS-DPS,Kuwait. “Family and Friends are my strength and backbone” says vivacious Indrani.

Few lines from her Bengali poem she recited in FM

Oh! Ferrymen take me to that land

Where there is peace and love in everybody’s heart

Where there is no jealousy, no fight

Clear sky and sun is bright

Nature sings songs of warmth

Oh! Ferrymen take me to that land

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