Rama Mehta

 Rama Mehta

As a nutritionist  her vision is to enhance health and well being in both community settings and for individuals.


Rama MehtaHolding a strong desire and passion to help as many people as possible to achieve good physical and mental health, Rama Mehta is a nutritionist by profession for last 25 years.

She believes sharing views and outlook always make one feel better. It can be very soothing to voice your worries or talk about your health concerns that are pondering on one’s mind.

And it feels virtuous to be attended to—to know that someone else cares about you and wants to help. Family and friends are big help however when you need extra support, an outside perspective, taking expert guidance can benefit.

She has done masters in Foods and nutrition, bachelors in education and level one certification in psycho drama. She has further aspirations to do certification in hypnotherapy to understand behaviours better and enhance her skills. 

She has worked as lecturer in college, as teacher and counsellor in school, as social worker with rotary inner wheel club, as nutritionist and head of ecommerce dept. in renowned health and wellness industry Anjali Mukerjee Health Total, as head coach with GOQii, a California based company working into health wearable sector, as nutrition expert to answer queries of teenager for California based start-up called Charm room, as blogger and at present as founder and CEO of company named Rangmanch se healthy, as  life coach, carry out corporate workshops.

Rama MehtaShe has helped many people struggling with various health issues and obesity with healthy diet and lifestyle changes. Diets are often considered failures…non sustainable.

Though nutritional management is the top most lifestyle change needed to keep oneself healthy. Rama works with dietary management which revolve around healthy eating and good nutrition while concentrating on other lifestyle factors like sleep, physical activity and social as well as mental health.

Despite knowledge burst and awareness people still struggle with lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, and hormonal disturbances.

Rama MehtaWatching people struggle to become healthy and looking for a support system to shift smoothly into better health habits made her initiate a start-up called “Rangmanch se Healthy”.

Her vision is to enhance health and wellbeing in both community settings and for individuals. Working with real stories gives us the opportunity to learn about health contexts from both a viewer’s perspective and as a participant.

And motivate people to initiate change more effectively using art and creativity. For this she has conducted many corporate workshops with various organisations.

She has successfully presented multiple shows of Drama “Sapno Ke Paer” last year in Kuwait, which was based on true story  of two her clients facing physical and mental health issues. ”.

Rangmanch se Healthy gives an opportunity and an outlet to enhance creativity, spontaneity and to generate a new response to old situation in people with no theatrical experience and exposure. Getting an emotional outlet in non-judgmental space makes us more grounded, open for change and improves overall health.

It is a team effort to use creativity, spontaneity and work around solutions for health issues/ behaviours which if ignored promote lifestyle diseases.


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