Madhulika Mohta

Madhulika Mohta

Extremely creative and sensitive,  and a chronic insomniac person  looking for new opportunities  with  new knowledge horizons.


thumpnailMadhulika is a woman of many parts. However her friends and associates call her an energy bomb. A chronic insomniac, she is always looking for new opportunities and new knowledge horizons. . “Sometimes I feel I am a dabbler in life itself” says the deceptively petite Madhulika.

“I come from a very conservative Marwari family where education of girls beyond Class X was inconceivable. My first cousins were married off when they were 12/13 years old.

It was not a future that I wanted….that 15 year struggle to study made me a fighter, but it was also a lesson in choosing your battles wisely and also to sometimes lose a battle in order to win the war”.

She went on to graduate in Economics and then finished her MBA in Finance, ranking third in Calcutta University. Somewhere on the way she also finished a 3 year Honors Diploma in Software Engineering & e-Commerce AND set up here first business at the age of 19.

1“I come from a business family so entrepreneurism is in my DNA”. She started SCARLET, a manufacturing brand for high end lingerie and soon was supplying wholesale to a large part of Eastern India.

“I think that first venture showed me how much I had yet to learn and thats when I resolved to do my MBA. So the business venture was wound up after 3 successful years and it was back to fighting. “I was 24 by then and the pressure to get married was crushing. In retrospect, I don’t really blame them …. In fact I can now see that my father and grandfather were themselves struggling to support me while facing intense pressures from the community.”

She then joined the world’s number one Management Consultancy firm Price water House Coopers as a campus recruit. A few years and the entrepreneurial bug bit her again.

2She co-founded LearningSpiral which is India’s first e-enabled application processing service provider to education institutions in India. The company survived the millennial Dotcom bust and is now professionally managed with over 100 employees.

She was featured by most leading newspapers and magazines in India as a successful youth entrepreneur and was also selected as part of the India’s contingent to the United Nations Youth Organization forum.

In 2001, she got married and moved to Oman and back to Management Consultancy, soon heading BDO’s Management Consultancy division. While in Muscat, she again co-founded Vision Consultancy which specialized in Market research assignments.

Her rich practical knowledge has been gained from almost 2 decades of working across a variety of industry sectors managing multi-ethnic and multinational teams.

3She has led management strategy, process improvement and large infrastructure consultancy projects in India & MENA helping private organizations and governments to create innovative and socially responsive solutions. Was a key team member for several projects for UNESCO,UNICEF, the World Bank and DFID.

Madhulika is a writer and orator. She did a stint as a child voice artist for All India Radio and acted in several stage productions while in India. She had her own column in The Week, Oman and was editor/ senior writer for a number of publications in Oman. She also served as a member of the jury for Oman Web Awards.

She has written poetry since she was 8 and her first collection of poems in Hindi ‘Nazar Andaz’ was released at the Valley of Words Literature Festival, India in 2017 by eminent literateurs.

Her second book : The Magician’s Rabbit is slated for release in 2019. She is a member of the Writers Forum of Kuwait.

Madhulika has always had a deep connection with social causes and has been associated with The Indus Entrepreneurs, Calcutta chapter as well as Rotary Group of Oman. She is also on the Education Guidance Committee of the Indian Business & Professionals Council, Kuwait.

3Deeply concerned with hardships of arid environments, she Co-authored and presented a paper titled ‘Water Demand Management in the industries of Oman’at UNESCO conference in 2007.

She is an avid reader, dancer and is passionate about cooking. She also devotes time to a school for the underprivileged differently abled children in Kuwait as well as to a weekly cultural education class.

She runs workshops on Creative Writing, Public Speaking and Etiquette for children in Kuwait. She loves traveling and adventure and has trekked the higher Himalayas and is also a licensed Scuba diver.

An, extremely creative and sensitive person, Madhulika dreams of entering the arena of politics back in India to be able to make a real difference to the larger social fabric. That and a Restaurant are on the cards.

She likes to quote Frost when asked about her future endeavors “But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep…”

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