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In the annals of the history of journalists in the world, Mr. P. Venkataraman (PV) distinctively distinguishes himself as a visionary journalist with a “Sacred Mission.” That is to say, Mr. PV has sacrificed an unique “Lifetime Service.” For over fifty years to his fellow journalists!

Yes, that is why he is absolutely different from all other journalists of our country. Mr. PV embedded with empathy towards his fellow journalists devoted all his time to project such of those writers, poets, novelists, and feature writers who are well known but remain unhonoured all the years, and just to keep them aloft with a methodical upsurge for public awareness especially arranging felicitations as frequently as ever in order to project them honouring thereto, presenting them with plaques, mementos, titles, besides befitting speeches rendered by those special invitees, journalists and presiding celebrities at the assemblage admiringly awakening the awareness of the public at large to understand in person those talented writers, authors, novelists and poets hitherto kept in total darkness!! What an invaluable service rendered by Mr. PV to know by himself the creative potential of such talented writers.

Thus Mr. PV has brought laurels for those luminaries, these writers and poets whose amazing creations effectively brought out in the limelight and encomiums are being offered. This kind of selfless service is not in vogue with any other journalist of our times or even by those journalist councils or associations or even by state or central government. Mr. PV‟s dedication in this regard with lofty ideals have imprinted his name with a historic record. Dare to say no one to compare with his idealistic background and dexterous sincerity in promoting the budding as well as senior journalists highlighting their works amongst the public at large. Now, any one of us can attribute to his glorious life at the age of 77 since his nobility of birth proves as such and we will have to refer here his parentage:

His illustrious father Shri S. Parasuram who is a well known printer in Pudukottai erstwhile Pudukotta state which was reigned by a Maharaja in British period. His mother Smt. Alameluammal is also responsible for upbringing the child Venkataraman educating him with English and Sanskrit language medium. In those days, when printing presses were rare and those authors, poets were all flocking at the doors of Shri Parasuram at his Kannabiran press and with his advice and assistance they brought forth well known publications. Amongst those authors, it is to be pointed out that Azha Valliappa an inspirational poet of children‟s literature who was frequenting Shri Parasuram‟s press for bringing out his publications. The child Venkataraman at the age of 7 evinced keen interest in Azha Valliappa‟s poems for children and deserved to be a poet by himself emulating Shri Azha Valliappa. Of course, he had his mind Azha Valliappa as his Manaseeka Guru and thrived upon creative poems at that tender age. Besides his brothers and sisters the parents encouraged Shri P V in all his creative faculties. That is why his father started a weekly by name Ding Dong in the year 1953 and that was very popular in those days among children population in our country.

Shri PV enjoyed the encouragement of his parents and thus concentrated on his creative journalism. During the time of his studies in school he has achieved as a journalist of repute by enriching himself as a correspondent for Dinamani, Vanoli (AIR News). In the field of children literature Mr. PV exercised his utmost talents in developing an admirable quality as a journalist of repute at that tender age.

Mr. PV was imbibed with an affection and love for his native place which is very strong throughout his life and whenever any function is to be organized he used to choose Pudukottai and Chennai simultaneously for those functions he would be arranging. This has to be further exemplified that instinctively he is having native spirit and national spirit inherited in his energetic soul. This can be amply vouched by the thoughtful presentation of lectures extended by leading celebrities, national leaders, as well as senior journalists.

His intense love towards Azha Valliappa the poet brought him to the forefront, not only as a writer but a nationalist in every sense because he desired to unveil a statue in the name of Valliappa in his native place as well as bringing out a postage cover in his name. The efforts were applauded by all his fellow journalists.

It may be added with pride that during the tenure of office of Shri. M. G. Ramachandran, the erstwhile chief minister of Tamil Nadu when he visited Ernakulam as an office bearer of Kochi Muththamil Manram, Shri P V with his national outlook suggested to Shri MGR that in those days direct bus transport was not available to connect Tamil Nadu and Kerala and hence he prayed that if a state transport to Tamil Nadu would be flying to Kerala and vice versa, it will greatly help the citizens of either place to commute quicker travel to such destination. Having this on his mind, Shri MGR, as soon as he reached Chennai, he ordered express buses would be plied between Tamil Nadu and Kerala, touching Ernakulam. This has resulted in “to and fro” buses by Tamil Nadu transport and Kerala transport materialized. PV‟s public relation skill is also proved by this state integration for commuting one another enjoying bus service at his best.

As a devoted patriot of our country, Shri PV brought out a Special Independence Day number of TVS Harmony, commemorating the Golden Jubilee of India‟s Independence. To our knowledge no other house Journals of other leading companies never thought of bringing such an issue! “TVS Harmony” carried very interesting articles about FREEDOM FIGHTERS in a befitting manner. The employees who were grandsons of such personalities who sacrificed their blood for India‟s freedom contributed episodes of realities in an admirable way! Those top-notch management members including TVS family members were being highlighted in this special issue is indeed a splendid scoop on the part of Mr.PV who collected unknown unheard episodes from employees.

To vouch on this aspect, Mrs. Lakshmi Sundaram Iyengar had been serving Gandhian movement along with other women contributing yeoman service in spreading the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi. Herein we wish to narrate briefly about the felicitations by the leaders and personalities around our country:

An eminent businessman with a chain of business houses, Padmashri Dr. Nalli Kuppuswamy Chettiar has expressed his admiration towards Mr. PV by eulogizing PV‟s unstinted efforts in the field of literature, journalism as well as public relations and his overwhelming continuation of contacts with his voluminous friends all over the world viz. England, America, Singapore and the service rendered by him towards bringing them around. In fact he pointed out that one of his articles on thoughts of management was featured by Shri PV in the official organ of TVS and he was indeed surprised at the capabilities of PV in his searching for talents. This he says is ample proof and because of him, he says, he has earned more friends in the circle of Shri PV.

The seniormost journalist of Pudukottai Sollaruvi M Muthusreenivasan praises his utmost in telling that Shri PV is a journalist, a feature writer, story writer, poetic writer besides being talented in every sphere of journalism and he recollects about novel title as Azhagu Roja and an elephant story which was published in Balar Malar in 1949, really enlisted appreciation from one and all. He adds further that at this age of 77, Mr.PV feels restless in achieving more and more in uplifting the talented writers and poets and he always seems as humble as ever, also expresses that he is bound by his duty as a lifetime in uplifting fellow journalists.

Mr. Mohandas, a versatile writer, a philanthropist, who is residing in Kuwait writes to say that Shri. PV has got his talent in his fingertips with lot of love towards Tamil literature, arts, and helping tendencies and above all, humorous conversation from time to time. Right from 1981, Mr. PV was his closest associate when he was in Ernakulam, he had the opportunity of moving closely with PV and known his versatility up till now. As a writer, when Shri Mohandas was contributing stories to Ananda Vikatan, Saavi and other publications before dispatching those articles, Shri. PV used to see those articles and give his advice from time to time for building up this sort of journalistic acumen to his best and now he feels he is an inseparable friend from his outlook.

Pooram Sathyamoorthy, a well known writer of novels, stories happened to be childhood friend as well as classmate for Shri PV writes to say that his closest association with Shri.PV has endeared him an expanded circle of journalistic friends as well as publishers. Unfortunately Pooram Sathyamoorthy lost both his eyes and this has affected very much the mind of Shri PV. Hence, he arranged to transform the writings of Shri Pooram Sathyamoorthy into CD, DVD cassettes for being sold and circulated amongst the reading public. Here, PV has worked out all his energy and efforts to lift up Shri Pooram just to make him forget he is blind at his age. This noble outlook of Mr. PV has earned the gratitude of the family of Shri. Pooram.

Kalaimamani Ilayavan, publisher of Ilakya Charal says that since he was closer with his father‟s press in his early days, Mr.PV has been moving with him more as a relation and his nobility is noteworthy. His nobility is amplified by his uplifting fellow journalists to his own throne and when humbly he recedes to the lower rung and this kind of trend in journalists one can never find.

Dr. S. Venkataraman, CEO (HRD) Delphi TVS, Chennai, recollects his early days with Mr.PV at the Maharaja‟s college, Pudukottai and his popularity was known when he was rendering service as JC (Junior Chamber) along with him. Dr.SV adds that his association with PV from 1960 relates to a golden jubilee of friendship. He says that his 40 years of service as CEO (HRD) in his organization has been begetting astounding results only because of the past guidance towards human relations which was instilled by Mr. PV in earlier days.

Ethiroli Viswanathan, a renowned poet of spontaneity praises to the peak Mr. PV as a closest associate with a poetic skill following Mr. Azha Valliappa‟s creations and besides being a reader, he has emulated Shri. Azha Valliappa in every sense, and particularly, he mentioned that no poet of children‟s literature has ever tried for presenting a poem on road safety until this day. PV had won laurels in his thoughtful poem on road safety exclusively for children. His relationship with journalists are well known.

Nerai Athippu, a renowned poet and well-known comperer says it is noteworthy that for the past 60 years, the unflinching and undaunted efforts of Shri PV in uplifting fellow journalists are well known and his sacrifice of his personal comfort, he has arranging gala functions for his objectivated humane thinking.

Mr. Y. K. Ramamoorthy (Ku-Ra) says that Shri.PV, popularly known as Vadamalai Azhagan has achieved his peak of excellence not only as a writer of poems, stories, but also widely acclaimed as a doyen of children‟s literature. Mr. PV has no parallel in his methodology of sacrifice in the field of children‟s literature. The quantum of him unique projects has prompted him to lend all his lifetime towards uplifting the fellow journalists only without minding his domestic comforts or his own wellness of health. Hence, at this age of 77, his ambitious might be continued still further as he is always hunting to render service to humanity.

Kavinayaselvar Mannai Pasanthy, Poet and author of books on divine music, praises wholeheartedly that Sri.PV happens to be his Illakkiya guru whereas he wants to be a shishya all his lifetime. Only with PV‟s timely motivation and encouragement he has been preparing all his publications viz. Pasanthy Ramayanam 108, Pasanthy Baghavatham 108 & Thuli Thuli Nila and now enabled him to enter as one of the leading poets for which act of love and affection he owes his heart and gratitude to Shri. PV. He got many friends both in Illakkiya vattam and media contacts only thru his guru Sri.PV‟s untiring efforts. He always used to mention that his guru Sri PV as „Pirarnalam Virumbi‟ and „Manidha Neyar‟.

In conclusion, it may be added that our PV‟s mission role will expand multifold in the years to come. His endeavours is such that his inner self enlightens with grace and his devotion should make the divine guiding force to enrich him with more lifetime to render humanitarian service. As such it may be added that recently at a gala function held to honour poets and journalists Shri PV was given the title as Manithaneya Selvar (Earl of Humanitarian service). Hence, the divine will prove to keep him in good health and bless his family forever. “Great people achieve great goals. One does not become great by the height or heap of any worldly possessions. Rather, the virtues of personality, his modesty, generosity, sincerity, integrity, purity of thoughts and sentiments, diligence and motivation to noble purposes make him great.” Says Pt. Sriram Acharya the editor of Akhand Jyoti.

Shri PV‟s goals are steadily ascending. Let us all pray for his long time and prosperity.

Thiru Y.K.Ramamurthy is living at purasawakkam with his spouse. He is a leading Corporate Journalist (Ex-TVS Employee) and Guru of Sri.PV (both official and personal)Mr.P.V WISH to pay tribute to Sri .YKR.

His contact number (91+9445290331) LL (91+044+26400067). 


P.Venkataraman, (PV),No.9/2 First Floor, Sathya Flats, Sreenivasan Street, Ullagaram, Chennai 600091, Tamil Nadu, India. 98410 76838

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