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How to "Enjoy LIFE Every Moment" ?  Here is an opportunity for a total positive transformation.  Sparks are waiting throughout .View all pictures .

Know it from M B Nirmal , Mind Programmer & Founder ExNoRa

Some of his talks in famous TV channels . He won the Best  speaker Award in two international conferences.

Here is a great opportunity to do an  e seva  to save the  Planet, our only HOME. Awareness is the need of the hour . View &Share this message with your friends & all e mail contacts.

NEW INDIA TIMES (USA), 8.10.1999.
“Mr.Nirmal’s speech at FETNA conference, Missouri, USA was electrifying”, “Many call him a Visionary. “Most regard him a motivator. He has proved that motivation can move mountains and people too. He is always pregnant with ideas”.


1.Art of Living Speech by M B Nirmal  to their Trainers  :  DON'T MISS. Here is a Motivational pictorial Presentation. Sent to   millions by the Participaants  . Enjoy (HOLD YOUR LAUGHTER). Save our only HOME, the Planet. Know all about Climate Change the Causes, Consequences & Solutions. Nirmal's Speech at Art of Living Bangalore to AOL Trainers Share with children,  students & your online community  friends & contacts as your e seva to save the planet

2. Welcome 3rd World War. Talk  in the International Conference at Sharjah, which is sure to provoke your thoughts.


3. Tamil Jaya TV


4. Tamil Mega TV  

உனக்காக நான், எனக்காக நீ

Won the hearts of lakhs

of people when was seen by them in

5.  Doordarshan “Nam Virundhinar” “நம் விருந்தினர்”.

Highest calls after the telecast

Tamil MBN Nirmal entertaining & informative interviews















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