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Ashok Garlapati has been elected as an “Administrator of International Practice Specialty” of American Society of Safety Engineers, USA

Ashok Garlapati, working with Kuwait Oil Company as a Sr.HSE Specialist (E&PD) has been elected as an Administrator of International Practice Specialty, American Society of Safety Engineers, USA. This is a voluntary leadership position for the term 2012-14.   Founded in 1911, the 100-year-old American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) is the oldest and one of the most prominent professional safety societies committed to protecting people, property and the environment. Headquartered in the Chicagoland area in the United States, ASSE has a global network of professional members who manage, supervise, research and consult on occupational safety, health and the environment (SH&E) in various industries, government, labor and education. ASSE members are constantly-growing network of professionals is comprised of over 35,000 individual members located in 75 countries. ASSE’s 151 chapters, 35 sections and 60 student sections provide opportunities for local professional development and networking.  ASSE members work in a vast variety of industries for companies of all sizes of various kinds of industries and establishments.ASSE has established 17 practice specialties to focus on specific field of safety, health & environment, network with professionals in specific area of expertise, share common experiences and problem solving tactics with specialties to choose from, including:  Academics, Construction, Consultants, Engineering, Environmental, Ergonomics, Fire Protection, Healthcare, Industrial Hygiene, InternationalSH&E, Management, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil and Gas, Public Sector, Risk Management/Insuranceand Transportation. Every practice specialty has voluntary leadership to achieve its objectives and goals.

Ashok has been elected as Administrator of  the International Practice Specialty (IPS), which provides a global professional forum for advancing the international issues that affect safety, health and environmental (SH&E) professionals. IPS supports one of the key elements of the Society's vision statement—to provide global leadership for the safety profession. IPS enhances the professional development of its members through an open exchange of ideas, technology, research and management processes. IPS provides a network for like-minded safety professionals, and it has developed into a resource on matters of importance to the global safety profession and to the Society as a whole. ASSE International Practice Specialty has a membership base of more than 600 members around the globe and it has Advisory Committee representing from more than 16 countries. Ashok played a key role in establishing of ASSE- Kuwait Chapter and served the Chapter in different capacities during the year 2001-2012. Frontliners take the opportunity to wish all success to Ashok’s endeavors in promoting safety health & environment practices in the industry, community & among SH&E professionals.


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