India's First Woman Air Force Officer To Become Flight Commander

Hari Lakshmanan. N

dhami1Indian Air Force’s Wing Commander Shalija Dhami has become the first female officer in the country to become the Flight Commander of a flying unit. Flight Commander is the second in command of the unit.

She took over as Flight Commander of a Chetak helicopter unit at Hindon air base. 

dhami2Wing Commander Dhami, serving for 15 years now, has been flying choppers. She became the first woman flying instructor of the Air Force and is also the first woman officer to get permanent commission of the flying branch.

Chetak is a single engine turbo shaft, light utility helicopter with capacity of 6 passengers and has maximum speed of 220 km/hour.

The helicopter is suitable for commuting, cargo / material transport, casualty evacuation, Search & Rescue (SAR), Aerial Survey & MAybePatrolling, Emergency Medical Services, Off-shore operations and Under slung operations.