The BRICS-WHD Forum has recognised Dr.R. Seetharaman, CEO of Doha Bank with great appreciation in the award category “Business Leader of the year “for his contribution to environment and social responsibility at the BRICS- WHD Award Ceremony Qatar - 2019 held on 26th April 2019, at Hotel – Inter Continental, Doha, Qatar. The dignitaries at this event include Sheikh Faisal, Jamal Al Kaabi and other key people from Qatar.

DOHA BANK CEO RECEIVES “BUSINESS LEADER OF THE YEAR “AWARDOn account of Dr. R. Seetharaman’s prior commitment, Mrs. R. Seetharaman received the award on his behalf. In his message, Dr. R. Seetharaman said “It is my pleasure and previlge to be integral part of the BRICS- WHD Award Ceremony Qatar – 2019. The changing dynamics impacting the world include Globalization, de-regulation, technology, consumerism and economic nationalization. With changing dynamics impacting the world at large we need to bring global sustainability. The global growth is at stake. Economics has become now Eco- nomics. Convergence of ecology and economics. To bring in global sustainability, global prosperity and gross welfare to the mass, we need to eliminate extreme poverty, we need to bring in gender equality, we need to bring in universal health care, we need to bring in Universal education and more than ever we need to make sure that we bring in environmental sustainability for which we need to build global partnerships. Public – private partnership, people to people partnership, Corporate to Corporate partnership and  other partnerships at various levels, extra- ordinary set of digital governance is required for financial inclusion digital and digital governance has also contribute to global growth and sustainable environment. On account of the increasing sea level, rising temperature, animal extinction, carbon neutral society we need to create. It means we have to understand carbon emissions need to be minimized. We need to bring in mechanism to bring carbon trade. We need to understand extreme poverty can be removed by improving agriculture production. Food security matters are vital for sustainable development. On account of impounding changes in global energy space and in environment space, all of us have to set in and bring our own policies and procedures to make World a better place. It should be energy security for all and cost effective energy supply. It means recognizing all these changes we need to bring partnerships to protect this planet and to protect your children and Grand Children and that is the need of the hour. We have solutions within us. We should create a Carbon neutral society by focusing on water management and waste management segments. We should ensure enough sanitation, hygiene and adequate water supply. Animal extinction is also a challenge and we should address this challenge. We have to bring the culture of “Save this planet” and that is where we as individuals, group of people, society at large and corporate should be actively involved.  In the larger interest of human kind and human dignity we should respect this Green mission. Qatar 2030 vision has focused on environmental development. Qatar is embarking on various environmental initiatives and Doha Bank is following some of the same for several years. Doha Bank has worked on “ECO-Schools Programme” which works with educational institutions to build awareness of key environmental issues. Doha Bank advocates and practices Green Banking, has a dedicated Green Banking website and encourage Green culture in Qatar. We have been engaged in this social mission as part of our Corporate Social responsibility. I complement the organizers for bringing this recognition and I am deeply committed as a professional banker whether it is in lending or investing in sustainable development. Thank you for the opportunity. “.