Dr.Akhila Vinod

Healing and Teaching is pure bliss

-by Dr. Devipriya

thump nailDr.Akhila Vinod is a certified yoga therapist holding a Doctorate degree in Naturopathy and Yogic sciences from SDM college of Naturopathy and Yogic sciences, Mangalore, Karnataka.

She has been a yoga practitioner since 2007 although her connection with yoga is much older.  A yoga enthusiast all her life, she hails from a family that practiced Yoga and Ayurveda in their everydaylives.

 1Akhila is also a certified NLP practitioner and holds an Ultimate Back Care certification from STOTT PILATES. She has worked as a Naturopathy consultant and Yoga practitioner at Royal Hyatt hospital, Pilates &More health club, Al-Corniche health club, Pineapple health club, P5M (plat form for fitness) and Yogi studio, Kuwait.

Akhila is also an active participant in national and international yoga workshops, conferences and attended the First International Yoga conference held in Delhi as a yoga expert.She owns the brand called “Yoga Health Plus” under which she conducts yoga training, work shops and seminars in Kuwait and internationally.

Her workshops focus on how a corporate individual can incorporate yoga into his/her work life. Her 2professional qualification is her forte, helping her deliver a more holistic experience for all her participants.

 Akhila has trained more than 1500 students on yoga and lifestyle in Kuwait. She also has a wealth of business experience, having previously designed a yoga and fitness spain Kuwait. She is currently running her yoga studio named “Yoga Health plus” in Salmiya, which offers programs mainly to the Indian expat community .

3Recently, she shared her mantras for life in a thought provoking interview in Kuwait Television. Her first and foremost advice is to “Be Active” and engage in some kind of physical activity. She advocates a light dinner diet to facilitate good sleep and digestion.

6She emphasizes the need to be in harmony with oneself and a positive perspective towards life. She explains the great role of breathing exercises and deep relaxation techniques in mind management to overcome everyday stresses.

Akhila feels eternally indebted to her grandfather ShankaranKartha, an Ayurveda Vaidya and yogi. She feels grateful to her parents, Karunakaran Kartha and Prabha as they have always steered her towards her passion and interests.

She is immensely obliged to her husband Vinod and his family for being supportive in all her endeavours. Akhila is proud of her daughter, Meenakshi who pushes her to be innovative. Also considers her brother Arun, as her ever-dependable advisor.

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