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Gayatri Ravindran

Teacher-Trainer- Toastmaster believes --- love for art, craft, dance and drama is the perfect combination to be a good teacher



IFL KuwaitMrs.Gayatri Ravindran believes that if some one can create a child’s future – it is the teacher. With more than 25 years of varied experience in education, she has seen the movement from chalk to smart boards, and the infinite world of the internet.

Born to a middle class family with love for music and dance, she completed her schooling in Jammu and Bachelor in English with Honors in History, in the scenic hills of Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh.IFL Kuwait

Starting her teaching career in LKG, she found that her love for art, craft, dance and drama was the perfect combination to be a good teacher. Her interest in helping her students to learn in the way they found comfortable, helped her to practice differentiated instruction in education way back in 2001.

In 2008, she came to Kuwait as the Vice Principal of ICSK Amman Branch. In 2012, she became the Principal in Charge of ICSK Junior Branch. In 2014, she moved to a bilingual school as Curriculum Coordinator.

Gayatri  believes that the world needs more of catalysts – people who want to bring about a change, who want to make a difference. She feels that students need more mentors and trainers who can mentor and train them to achieve what they are capable of.

She loves to interact with youngsters and has great confidence in their capabilities. She looks for opportunities to impact skills in communication and leadership they need in today’s competitive world.

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In 2016, she joined Toastmasters, a non -profit organization that helps people all over the world to improve their communication and leadership skills. She has participated in speech contests and has won many prizes.

A teacher can speak on any subject for as long as possible but she feels that she has learned the art of saying more in less time.

Gayatri  feels that her family is the rock on which her life is built. She is proud of her  two daughters and son, and is deeply indebted to her husband who has stood with her in all ups and downs of life. Her dream is to start a school for children with learning difficulties in her home town Chennai.

Swami Vivekananda’s quote, “All power is within you – you can do anything and everything” – has been her positive mantra and her belief in the power of self-confidence and strong work ethics - is the base of her success.

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