Dr. Prabha Krishna

- Naturopathist & Holistic wellness Professional

Inspired with Natures healing principle, Dr. Prabha Krishna a Naturopathic Medical Doctor and a Health Care professional with Expertise in Naturopathy, Yoga, Wellness, Ayurveda, Stress management and Holistic Medicine. She has modest academic credentials along with professional experience of more than fifteen years in the Health care industry. 

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Dr. Prabha believes and practice Holistic approach for curing diseases. She is specialized in Yoga, Nutrition and dietetics, Hydrotherapy, Acupuncture, Magneto therapy and Varma therapy.           

She was born in Ooty, “the queen of Hill stations”, south India, being inspired with the serene atmosphere, has always been a nature lover. Her father who has always shown her, hard work and attitude are the two wheels of life, a very loving and compassionate mother and her ever supportive sister, she had a beautiful and a loving family.  

Understanding the importance of India’s longstanding medical systems and its positive effects on health, she took her career in the alternate system of medicine and got graduated from a reputed Medical College. Her strive for knowledge never ended, she also persuaded her MBA in health service management, Masters in Yoga and Naturopathy & Certified in Fitness management.IFL Kuwait

Further, she also has taken various trainings from eminent Naturopathy Institutions, including National Institute of Naturopathy, Pune, under Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India.

On her career path, eventually she held various responsible roles such as, Principle for a Naturopathy and Yoga Institutions, Chief Medical Officer for a Naturopathy hospital in India.  Further she has written many academic books for the students, involved in designing the Curriculum & Examination patterns, supporting the student fraternity in their research studies.      In association with the Tamilnadu physical education and Sports University conducted various academic and clinical programs for Naturopathy and Holistic Medicine. 

She got married to Mr. Krishna Kumar, Chartered Accountant, who had taken all her dreams as his own. Post marriage they moved to Bahrain and then to Kuwait to set their life. She says, it was he who had helped her to be the best version of herself, by taking every responsibility wholeheartedly. They have a beautiful daughter Jashwanthi, 8 yrs old.

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In Kuwait, she started “Prabha’s Yoga”, conducting Yoga sessions for men and women, where she aims at educating the right form of yoga for healthier and happier life. After few years of her own classes, she had associated herself with “Fitness with Urvi”. Urvi being a renowned fitness instructor in Kuwait, who has always been her greatest support to take her Yoga & Wellness sessions across Kuwait.

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With the inquisitiveness for educating people with the common lifestyle disorders, Dr. Prabha had conducted many workshops and medical camps in India in association with various Naturopathic hospitals & NGO’s.

Presently, in Kuwait in addition to her regular classes, she always focuses on Women’s health by conducting various awareness camps on Premenstrual disorders(PMS), Breast cancer, PCOS awareness and Natural detox programs for Diabetes, Life style management programs & for General health.

“With the experience in treating all kinds of life style related diseases after understanding its cause, nature and symptom, it was always her passion to create an awareness to general public on how to prevent such diseases and to lead a disease free life.” She always believes “The natural healing forces within each of us is the greatest force in getting well”