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Anita Khanna Merchant an artist with a vision was born in Stockholm – Sweden. She lived in different countries, Saigon, Rangoon, Anita MerchantBonn, Khartoum, Islamabad, and Kuwait.

Anita lost her mother at an early age, and grew up with her brother, sisters and affectionately by her Father – who was a Diplomat. She did her high school in Germany and speaks German. She holds a BSC Degree, MA in Medical & Psychiatric social work and MSC Zoology - she loves animals.

Anita MerchantAnita’s passion towards painting started at an early age and her interest was cultivated and further developed with motivation from her poetic father. His writings on her painting inspired her to grow up and reach great heights.

With a strong blend of Indian culture and ravishing western style, her themes reveal her own cultural pride, imagination and creativity which conveys a strong message and stimulates the mind. Her expertise include variety of mediums such as Silk, Canvas, Glass, Wood, Hard board, Silver and 24 carat gold leaf, oil, water, charcoal and acrylic colours. As a talented, passionate creative hardworking artist, she has a long track of accomplishments in the field of painting. Anita’s work has been exhibited widely from her childhood in Sudan, Sweden and later in Kuwait.

In 1975 she was the First Indian artist to hold an exhibition in Kuwait which was organized by the National Council of Culture, Arts and Literature. The exhibition was inaugurated by Special Adviser Sheikh Abdulla Al Jaber to his Highness the Amir. 

Anita MerchantShe perceives her inner harmony through her perception of Cosmic Vision – The Anita Merchanthighlight of all her exhibitions. Her paintings on Moon, Mermaid, Lord Krishna, Buddha, Dancers, Festival etc, are exotic and she has no limitation in spreading her intrinsic talent to display Arabic Culture as well. With strong concepts, colours and presentation of her work brought her popularity with a wide range of audience.           

She feels that through her vision the artistic exchange between the universe and the artist opens up  many creations, ideas and interpretations. Anita cherishes the connection with nature which is constantly displayed in her painting.

Married to Mr. Mohammed Merchant she is blessed with two daughters.

Till date she has created huge number of paintings; Her painting adorn the walls of Air India office in Kuwait and many homes and offices all over the world.

Anita MerchantShe also designs sterling silver jewelry and artefacts. She has had many silver exhibitions, but painting will always be her first love and she feels that painting is like meditation in her life. “Fascinated by the four men in life, namely Lord Krishna, Buddha, Lord Shiva and her beloved husband lovingly she said”.  

Every square of her lovely and lively house speaks and breaths of creativity. Her house is adorned by sculptures, bronzes, wooden carvings collected from all over the world, and off course her beautiful paintings. The way in which they are displayed and showcased are beyond comparison.            

“An artist bio talks about her work and her ideas and inspirations. It incorporates her history and connects her life events that have influenced her artwork”. Her painting are definitely an inspiration to all aspiring artists.


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